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Business Meeting

Just because we’re online based doesn’t mean we’re faceless, we still enjoy the personal touch, but have found a good compromise and level of contact that works for our busy clients!

Permanent & Contract Staff

With us, you won’t be paying to cover any high overheads, just a flat fee of £550.00 + VAT* and we’ll find that perfect candidate for your company. From the off, we ensure we understand your business, the job role, the type of character who would really work with the existing team and your preferred timescales – we run at your pace.  We use a good variety of platforms to keep our bank of candidates topped up at all times, so can guarantee we’ll send an excellent selection for you.

Traditional Agencies  – Will typically charge you anything from 10% to 30% (fees tend to start from £1500.00 upwards) to do the same job as us!

Local Press Advertising – Will cost around £1000 for one advert and due to the high levels of candidates currently job seeking, clients are reported to be receiving anything from 100 to 250 CVs for just one job, making the task of reviewing CVs simply too time consuming.

Jobs Boards – Are significantly cheaper than the above options typically around £100 for 2 weeks coverage, however, you will still have to spend hours trawling through received CVs just to find a handful of potentials, as in most cases, candidates in will be over qualified and under qualified for the role, but are applying to anything and everything in the current market.

* (On salaries up to £10,000pa, £695.00 plus VAT on salaries from £10,001pa to £25,000pa and £1000.00 plus VAT on salaries from £25,001pa and above).

Temporary Staff

Whether you need to employ temporary workers due to…

* Your business growing,
* A staff shortage, such as existing employees being on sick or maternity leave,
* Or you simply have more work than you know what to do with! can provide you with Temporary Staff in order you to give you the flexibility to cope with any sudden or temporary changes within your business.

We have reference checked candidate’s on our books possessing a wide range of different skills and experience to suit your business requirements, ready to start today!


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